Thursday, October 18, 2012

Plug & Play Screamer two-level vehicle horn

Inventor Peter Olt had a revelation when he was nearly hit by a car while riding his motorcycle, for lack of a horn loud enough to get the attention of the offending vehicle's driver. From this incident, the Screaming Banshee was born.

The Banshee is a custom two-mode horn; one setting is essentially a "polite" volume affair, while the second (activated by holding the horn down longer), is a siren-like wail that justifies the unit's supernatural name.

Apparently the original Screaming Banshee found enough success that Olt believes a smaller, easier to install version will open up more market share for his fledgling company. Enter the Plug & Play Screamer, and a new project page on micro-funding site Indiegogo.

With only one bolt and four wire connections between you and installation, the new Screamer is said to be pretty simple to install, and is seemingly perfect as a safety device for motorcycle and scooter riders everywhere. It is also, based on the video introduction to the product, something that could be hugely annoying in the wrong hands.

From AutoBlog.Com