Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mercedes mulling baby G-Wagon off-roader

Car reports Mercedes-Benz may be considering expanding its G-Class line to include a new, smaller model. The so-called GLG would serve as a competitor for the upcoming, next-generation Land Rover Defender. Internally, the smaller G wears the code name X156 and will be based on the A-Class architecture. Expect to see styling lifted straight from the larger G, complete with a horizontal roof line and near-vertical back hatch. Car also insists Mercedes-Benz will retain the A-Class front-wheel drive layout for two-wheel drive models, while 4MATIC models will also be available.

 Under the hood, the company plans to serve up a range of engines, including a 1.6-liter gasoline mill good for 122 horsepower as well as a 2.0-liter unit with anywhere from 156 to 211 hp on hand. Four diesel variants will also show up in the EU, the most powerful of which will displace 2.1 liters and pump out 204 hp. Car also suggests AMG will get its hands on the pint-sized bruiser. The product of that union should serve up 345 hp, a seven-speed automatic gearbox and beefier brakes.

That seems like an awful lot of detail for a model Mercedes-Benz executives haven't even signed off on yet, though the report says the vehicle could get the green light at any moment.

From AutoBlog.Com