Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I would like to help you @BMWUSA #BMW @BMWGroup

BMW sold 146, 832 units last month alone. 
BMW has sold 1.11 million vehicles in the past 9 months.

Lady Gaga 30,179,712
YouTube 17,659,742
Ricky Martin 7,296,295
The New York Time 6,236,420
Audi 278,530
Mercedes Benz USA 96,380 

BMW has 12,531 followers. 

I would like to ask BMW one question, Would you like some help increasing your brand awareness?

How can a social media outlet so important to 500 million active users be so overlooked? 

As a recent business school graduate and passionate lover of everything with wheels and an engine, I would like to step up for this position. If there is not a position for BMW USA social media, please let me help in creating one.

Everything in the BMW lineup is a thing of Beauty, and I would love to help set you apart from the other German 2. You could call me a BMW aficionado  to prove that, here are some photos of me when I took a trip to see the BMW factory and museum in Munich, Germany.

I would love to work with you, even as an intern. 

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