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Pagani,  A company that I admire beyond that of any of the Ferrari's and the 
Lamborghini's ever produced. With their ideology of truly creating the ultimate for the sake of driving the craftsmanship and engineering to the levels of near perfection. The Pagani is a brand the drives the business, and not the other way around. Pagani's culture in itself is based on the quest for the absolute. It is about the culture of excellence. 

From a conversation in "Meta-Luxury, Brands and the Culture of Excellence" 
"We are inspired by one principle and that is Leonardo da Vinci's belied that art and science can, and should, go hand in hand. All we do revolved around this. "  Horacio Pagani


San Cesario sul Panaro, Modena, Italy. Geneva, Switzerland. March 4th 2012
  •   Pagani Huayra production ramping up
  •   Deliveries in Europe and Asia
  •   New Pagani quality control management
  •   New production facilities operational in 2012
  •   Development for the Pagani Huayra U.S. certification on track

    2011 has been a very important year for Pagani. The success of the launch of the new Huayra, after 7 years of hard work, has been rewarded with over 85 confirmed orders. The targets for production, turnover and profits have been achieved.
    The European version has been certified with extraordinary results regarding the targets for safety and emissions; the latter success is shared with Mercedes-AMG. The Pagani Huayra has the lowest CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of any 12-cylinder sportscar. The 700.000 km of Dynamic tests have been completed in a variety of climatic conditions with 5 prototypes, have confirmed the expectations regarding reliability and performance that Pagani Automobili and its technical partners set out to achieve.

    Together with the Euro 5 emission certification in November 2011 and the continuing work on the US homologation, Pagani has also implemented a new management system that redefines the term of quality: the Pagani quality method. Including some of the most severe procedures derived from the aerospace industry, the Pagani quality method expands beyond the technical and technological perfection and includes the artistic and design quality. Quality is born with the drawing, with shape, before reaching the technology. Art and science must walk together, hand in hand.

    “In 2012 25 Huayras will see the light of day, another 40 will follow in 2013. The first deliveries will be made in April. The Pagani Huayra represents a global project for Pagani Automobili. The Pagani dealership family has grown in 2011 and 2012 with new dealerships in Chile, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom and in the United States, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco. Nonetheless Pagani is very strict about safeguarding the exclusivity of its small volume production in the respective markets.”

    --  Alberto Giovanelli, head of Sales at Pagani Automobili.

    “We are very enthusiastic about the public’s reception of the newborn Pagani Huayra. It has always been our intent to unite art and technology and our customers and car enthusiasts were able to see these values that accompany us every day in the Huayra. All this is further confirmation of our approach to combine art and science by the means of meticulous research.”

    -- Horacio Pagani, founder and chief designer at Pagani Automobili. 

    he completion of the new production facilities, already partly operational and hosting the development department for the past two years, will be completed in 2012, and will allow the company to meet the increased demand coming from Pagani’s new markets: China, India, Japan, Taiwan and the United States of America.

    Plans for the expansion have been extended to allow the construction of a larger state of the art Research and Development facility for innovative concepts as well as a new laboratory for advanced composites. This new final project has 40% additional factory surface, compared to the previous plans made public by Pagani Automobili in 2010.

    Pagani Automobili has always made extensive use of advanced composites in its tailor made pieces. Developing new materials and production techniques has allowed improving safety, lowering the weight and consequently lowering emissions on its vehicles.

    The introduction of the Pagani Huayra in the United States of America has been received with great enthusiasm and the strong demand from this territory confirms the efforts of Pagani Automobili. The first US spec Pagani Huayras, certified according to the highest US safety as well as California’s emission standards, will be delivered in 2013.
    Zonda R track program

    In 2011 a dedicated team of mechanics, engineers and test drivers, has followed the privileged Zonda R owners over the world. This program will be carried on. The Zonda R has been a laboratory to test components, technologies and new solutions that have then been integrated in the Pagani Huayra. The research and development activities will continue in 2012, backed up by the work of our technical partners AMG, Aspa, Brembo, MHG and Pirelli.

    The last 5 units of the Zonda R will be built in 2012, completing the limited production run of 15 vehicles.

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