Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Formula Cross YFC 450 ATV-based kart

The Formula Cross YFC 450, a rally kart based on the Yamaha YFZ 450 ATV from 2002-2013, has been priced at $7,500, but that's for the build-it-yourself kit and doesn't include taxes or shipping. If you want Formula Cross to put it together for you, something you might want to consider since the kit includes 40 items plus hardware, that will be an extra $1,350 after you've delivered it to their facility.

However, Formula Cross touts that every bit of their creation is customizable, so if you've got time you could have some fun wrenching your own creation – and we're told there's no welding required. The wet weight has gone up since the initial announcement, from 495 pounds to 620 pounds "on certain models," but that shouldn't stop the fun.

To get in line with a pre-order will run you $2,500, and the first deliveries are scheduled to leave the building in November. This being a completely new animal, however, we wouldn't be surprised if specs, dates and prices come in for revision before then. For a reminder of the still-potent promise of the YFC 450, check out the video below.

From AutoBlog.Com