Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to cure driving apathy among America's youth? Lego

We've heard it before: Kids today don't care about cars, and many are ambivalent about whether they will even drive or not. As hard as it might be to understand that mentality for us, it's a bigger problem for the automakers, who have lately been bending over backwards and jumping out of planes to appear relevant to young people.

So here's an idea, even if it's not a new one: Use Lego to get kids to love cars.

The managing editor of the Automotive News website recently took his family to Legoland Florida on vacation, where he was struck with the notion while watching his kids drive little Ford Lego cars, part of a sponsorship that launched last fall. According to the report, Ford's southern dealers are quite pleased with the deal, and have been using tickets to the amusement park as an incentive.