Thursday, May 9, 2013

An update

Sorry for not posting in almost 5 months. I have been extremely busy thankfully. There has been so much going on. Many of my customers have been affected by Superstorm Sandy. I have seen my fair share of "flood" cars as of late. They are never fun and always interesting.

I have been doing some training as well for Long Island Automotive Training. This group is headed up by a good friend of mine David Macholz. Dave is an automotive teacher at Suffolk County Community College. The program and facility there is top notch. Dave is committed to making the program there and Long Island Automotive Training a success. You can check out L.I.A.T on Facebook.

I have also been going to some great training as well. From both L.I.A.T and other groups. The need for training is ongoing. In this business you need to keep up with the newest technology as well as always reinforcing the basics.

I hope to post in the next couple of weeks some new case studies. Keep the comments and emails coming.